Hello women!


Inspired by a new mother after speaking with her doctor about exercises critical to improving her health after pregnancy – and developed in conjunction with a professional yoga instructor –  KegelTopia is the ultimate interactive Kegel exercise application for the iPhone and iPod touch (OS 2.2.1 and higher).

Weakening of the pelvic floor muscles is a very common condition among new mothers that often results in urinary leakage and decreased sexual orgasms.  

Kegel exercises, in which the pelvic floor muscles are tensed and released in intervals, can rebuild the strength of these muscles. 

The application features:

  1. A tutorial with audio content

  2. Audio instructions delivered by a yoga instructor guide you through the exercises

  3. 3 types of pelvic floor exercises to address different aspects of muscle conditioning – the Mini, 3 Second Hold and Elevator intervals

  4. An interactive “Freestyle” exercise with contraction tracker records your progress

  5. A preset timer allows you to focus on the exercises

  6. A comprehensive history view to quickly assess your overall progress and results

  7. Ability to review the history over several different date ranges


Introducing KegelTopia

The ultimate interactive exercise to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and improve your overall health after pregnancy

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Launch the application.  Choose your exercise depending on your mood for the day:

The Mini, 3 Second Hold or Elevator exercises will walk you through each hold and release cycle.  The Freestyle lets you perform contractions of your choice and KegelTopia will record statistics about the contractions.

Track your progress by exercise type.  Or if you prefer, go into even further detail for each exercise to check your exercise trends.

Click Here to See How it Workshttp://www.itactility.com/site/Demo.html